Walking Thousand Oaks, Arlington Area

This walk, like all of our walks so far, was a random and spontaneous path of discovery. Part of the testament to the character of this area is the fact that we can walk just about any direction ‘into the hills’ and have a journey of discovery, surprise and inspiration. There is such a magnitude of visual density that each footstep could easily be accompanied by a new photograph of unique urban, architectural and landscape character.

These photos aren’t intended to be high quality in composition or resolution, but are brief ‘walk-by’ shots – often taken, literally, while walking.

So far, we’ve been seeking random destinations and trying to get lost. Our route twists and turns, and we take short-cuts pathways between buildings, walkways cutting through parks, etc.

These photos describe a 45 minute journey through the Thousand Oaks, Arlington area in the Berkeley Hills.

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~ by brouchoud1 on February 25, 2007.

One Response to “Walking Thousand Oaks, Arlington Area”

  1. Thanks for spending some time to publish “Walking Thousand Oaks, Arlington Area ”.
    Many thanks again ,Ofelia

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