About Author: Jon Brouchoud


Jon Brouchoud is an architectural evangelist, futurist, and designer focusing on the convergence of a wide range of disciplines including architecture, sustainability, Web 2.0 and virtual reality.

Jon is founder of Crescendo Design, which offers holistic design solutions to a wide range of assignment types by blending a variety of disciplines and experiences. Crescendo’s methodology is assignment-specific, and often draws upon the core tenets of architecture, broad-stroke sustainability, Web 2.0, and virtual worlds, as well as graphic, performance and fine arts.

Crescendo’s work in sustainable design has consistently achieved international acclaim with the ‘Nutrihouse‘ design being chosen for construction in the Cradle-to-Cradle Home international competition, and Jon’s 3rd place entry in the Tuscon Gateway International Design Competition, as well as a 1st Place in the Cntrl-Shift-07 Virtual Architecture Competition.

During a year-long sabbatical in Berkeley, California, Jon worked with digital marketing and strategy firm Clear Ink, where he was involved with a wide range of virtual reality projects in Second Life, including the U.S. House of Representatives, Autodesk Island, TED Island and helped coordinate events for Cameron Sinclair (Architecture for Humanity), Chris Luebkeman (ARUP), Sergio Palleroni (BaSiC Initiative), Phil Bernstein (Autodesk VP), Carl Bass (Autodesk CEO), and many more.

He is author of ‘The Arch‘ blog, founder of Architecture Islands, and leads the Architecture in Second Life community group.

He is co-founder of ‘Studio Wikitecture,’ a global collaborative initiative aimed at applying an open-source paradigm to the design and production of architecture and urban planning.

His work has been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions throughout the country. His speaking engagements include a keynote presentation with Autodesk CEO Carl Bass at Autodesk University, as well as presentations for the Dr. Dobbs Life 2.0 Summit, the London Design Museum (Royal Institute of British Architects ‘Architecture Week’), the Digital Resources Conference (Dartington, UK). He has recently been invited to speak at the IQPC Second Life Conference (New York), the Reitveld Art Academy (Amsterdam), the Graduate School at University of Texas, Austin, and the upcoming Metaverse U Conference in San Jose, California.

He can be reached at jbrouchoud (at) gmail (dot) com, or 608-219-9318.


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